Does your garbage disposal emit odors reminiscent of a city landfill? Don’t fret, garbage disposers are hard-working appliances that are out of sight – and out of mind. The terrible odors are from shredded food particles hidden in the deepest recesses of your unit, attached to the underside of the blades, and clinging to the sides of the disposer.

If garbage disposal odor is the only problem you have with your disposal unit the fix is simple. Use Summit Brands Glisten Disposer Care. Glisten disposer care is safe for homes with septic systems and all typed of plumbing and fixtures. It has highly effective and fully biodegradable ingredients. The formula includes a biodegradable bleach alternative and a fresh lemon scent.

How Glisten Disposer Care Works

Disposer Care cleans with a hardworking foaming action. The foam works its way into every nook and cranny of your drain and disposer. Use just once a week and you forget that the garbage disposer ever made your kitchen stinky.

Used correctly, Disposer Care’s blue foaming action wells up from your disposer unit and engulfs the entire unit in its blue cleansing foam. This amazing product cleans and disinfects the Flywheel and Hopper Chambers that collect and store waste food, the side walls of the inside of the unit, the splash guard, and the blades (impellers) that grind the waste up.

Easy to Use

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal Unit

Cleaning your garbage disposal is easy with Disposer Care. In less than six minutes, your kitchen will stop smelling like something the cat dragged in and fill with the lush, clean, citrus odor of lemons. Here is how to use it.

  1. Make sure your disposer and sink is empty. If you have a two-sided sink, make sure both sides are empty. When you are sure everything is empty, run a hot, strong stream of water into the disposer side of the sink; do not run the water directly into the disposer. Let the hot water run for 1 minute and then cut it to a trickle.
  2. Take one inner packet of the biodegradable cleaner from the Disposer Care package. Do not open the packet; just drop it into the disposer so that it is not visible. Turn your garbage disposal unit on.
  3. When the cleaning foam disappears (3-4 minutes) the unit is clean. At that time, a swishing water sound is heard. Wipe any excess blue foam from the sink and shut off the unit.


If you have a double sink, the blue foam may rise into both sinks. This is normal and cleaning is ongoing as the foam withdraws done the drain(s).

Do it Again?

Most homeowners find that a once-a-week treatment keeps their disposal fresh. However, you might need to do a second treatment if the unit had excessive buildup. Run a strong stream of hot water into the disposal for a few minutes before treatment. This loosens the buildup and helps Disposer Care work effectively. After you run the hot water stream, follow the directions. Glisten Garbage Disposer Care is the best garbage disposal smell remedy on the shelves.

Where to Find Glisten Products

Everywhere! – Glisten products are available at big box discount stores, home improvement stores, grocery chain stores, and online at Amazon. Learn which fine stores carry Glisten Products.