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I really came to understand the saying that you don’t fully appreciate what you have until it’s gone after my washing machine’s performance began to decline. From my children’s sports gear to the family’s bath towels, I relied heavily on my washer to meet the household’s laundry demands while not putting in the time to ensure it remained clean and free of buildup. Then, the washer’s performance began to decline and I began to fret that we were in need of a new washing machine. Thankfully, I discovered Washer Magic.

Just one use of Washer Magic taught me the importance of keeping a washing machine clean and buildup free. Years of use without proper cleaning had left my washing machine clogged with all types of buildup including hard water deposits, rust and more. The washer exterior’s was caked with detergent spills and lint while the interior emitted a musty washer odor that also affected the cleanliness of each laundry load. These problems and others that I hadn’t even realized existed were solved after I turned to Washer magic.

The washer cleaner is made to remove all common forms of buildup in washing machines. When rust and other types of buildup inside a washer are eliminated, the appliance’s water circulation is improved as well as its performance. Before using Washer Magic, I didn’t realize the abrasive effect that buildup inside a washing machine could have on laundry loads. Thankfully, the buildup is no longer a problem, which means I don’t have to worry about my clothes being damaged while in the washer.

After turning to Washer Magic, I also now realize the importance of removing stinky washer odors. A smelly washer is more than a nuisance. It’s a problem that affects the cleanliness of each laundry load. Now that my washer is truly cleaned and deodorized, my clothes are cleaner than ever and remain fresh for days and days. I’m also no longer embarrassed by my laundry room’s smell when houseguests stop by unexpectedly.

My washing machine is one of the most frequently used appliances in my household and I now recognize the importance of keeping it clean. I own an old top loading washer but I will continue to use Washer Magic even after switching to an efficiency washer since it works in all types of washing machines. Don’t allow your washer to get to the point of no return. Begin using Washer Magic to experience the many benefits it provides.