My family’s washing machine is conveniently located in the basement of our home. While I enjoy keeping the laundry room clean and organized, a mildew smell had developed that I couldn’t pinpoint. I scrubbed the floors, cleaned the sink and ensured dirty clothes were promptly washed. Yet, the stale smell persisted. Then, I discovered that the source of the smell was inside my washing machine.

Ironically, while I was busy trying to clean clothes, detergent residue and other forms of buildup were busy lowering my washing machine’s performance. After discovering the washing machine odor, I began searching for solutions and decided to try Washer Magic. I selected Washer Magic because it works on all washer types and is formulated to remove all forms of washing machine buildup including rust and lime deposits. In addition, Washer Magic is the original washing machine cleaner so I knew it would deliver the results I desired.

Before combating the odor in my washing machine, I first used the liquid formula to wipe down the gasket around the door where buildup collects. The liquid, dabbed on a cloth, easily removed detergent buildup, lint and other spills on the washer’s lid and rubber linings.

I was impressed with how easily the washer deodorizer could be used to clean my washer’s interior. I simply poured in the recommended amount of liquid cleaner and turned on my washing machine before continuing with my day’s routine. After the first use of Washer Magic, I could see and smell the results. The stale washer smell I had tried so hard to remove had vanished and was replaced by a fresh, deodorized scent. I also knew that buildup in the washer was gone after loads of laundry came out of the washing machine fresher than ever.

Now that I regularly use Washer Magic to clean my washing machine, stinky odors no longer have a chance to develop. The washer is performing better than it has in years and my clothes always come out of the washer deep-cleaned and smelling fresh. Properly cleaned laundry is a necessity in every household and I highly recommend Washer Magic to resolve the many washing machine problems you may be experiencing. From removing washer buildup to deodorizing a washing machine, Washer Magic really is the best solution.