Between removing stains from my children's athletic gear and cleaning the family's towels, it seems my washing machine is constantly operating. In the past, I was primarily concerned with finding the best laundry detergent, thinking that detergent was what mainly impacted each laundry load's cleanliness. However, after months of battling musty towels and lingering laundry stains, I discovered the problem wasn't with my detergent, it was in my washing machine.

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I learned that several forms of buildup had accumulated in my washing machine over the years. This buildup was causing major problems with the washer's ability to clean my family's laundry. From rust to detergent residue, buildup existed deep inside my washer, in places I couldn't even see. While searching for a solution to my washer buildup problem, I discovered Washer Magic.

I was delighted to learn that the washer cleaner and deodorizer battles all forms of washing machine buildup, including rust in my washing machine. After just one use of Washer Magic, I noticed an immediate improvement in my washer's performance. The interior of the washer sparkled like it hadn't in years and I was confident that the residue deep inside of the washer had been removed. I was also happy that Washer Magic's liquid formula didn't leave behind any gunk or residue, just a fresh clean scent.

What I didn't know before using Washer Magic is that unseen buildup in a washing machine can be abrasive to laundry, wearing down clothes after multiple washes. Since my family's budget is important to maintain, I now use Washer Magic once a month to eliminate abrasive buildup and to protect clothes longer. I'm also confident that my washing machine's performance has been restored, which means I won't be buying a new washer anytime soon.

In addition to removing rust and hard water deposits, Washer Magic has eliminated the stinky odor in my washing machine. In fact, my washing machine smells fresher than it has in years. This has led to cleaner laundry and no more musty-smelling towels.

I'm thankful to have found Washer Magic. It has eliminated all forms of buildup in my washing machine, even the residue deep inside of the washer. The washer deodorizer has also helped each laundry load to come out of the washer cleaner than ever. From top-loading washers to high efficiency washing machines, I highly recommend Washer Magic for every household.