I have always used vinegar to try to clean the dishwasher but I was getting yuck around the filter of my Bosch dishwasher which I thought was because of a plumbing issue.
The Plumber assured me the problem was not from the plumbing issue and he was correct.
Since the dishwasher is on an extended warranty I called for a service call. The technician strongly suggested I try Glisten Dishwasher Magic and assured me vinegar would not do it.
He was correct!
Because I have had the dishwasher over 4 years I had to use Glisten Dishwasher Magic twice but it not only got rid of the yuck but made the dishwasher look like new inside.
I probably would have had the yuck problem sooner but I am of the generation that does not put dirty dishes in the dishwasher....In my house they get pre-rinsed with warm water before they go in.
The product is excellent and one I will always have on hand for when it is needed again.
I had called customer service with a question and I could not believe how helpful and wonderful they were. It felt you were calling your best friend for advise --It was amazing.
by: Rita Zide