I broke down and let the kids get a puppy. My darling children had been after my husband and I for a long time to get a dog, and we finally decided that the kids were old enough to help look after it, and so Bingo became a part of our lives. Bingo liked to sleep on the couch. No matter how many times I chased her off, inevitably I would come home to find her snuggled up on the couch.

Normally sleeping on the couch would be fine, but Bingo isn't always the cleanest. The result is that the slip covers I have on the couches became very dirty, very quickly. I was perplexed how to clean these heavy duty slip covers, so it was with a fair bit of trepidation that I tossed them into the washing machine. I must say, I wasn't too surprised when they came out from the washer not terribly clean. After speaking with some friends I discovered that my washing machine was likely to blame, because I had never cleaned it! Who cleans their washing machine? Not me, though I ought to have been.

So, armed with Washer Magic, the best washing machine cleaner, I set out to wash my washing machine. I was told that my clothes, and slip covers, would wash up much cleaner if the hard water deposits and soap residue from myriad washings was removed from the machine, and this was the product to do just that.

I followed the directions and poured the contents of the bottle into my washer and ran it on a cycle. I must say, it did smell fresher but I couldn't really tell if it looked cleaner. Nonetheless, I put the slip covers back into the wash and crossed my fingers.

When finished, the slip covers looked clean and more importantly, they smelled wonderful! Even though I couldn't see what Washer Magic had done, it was evident that this mighty washing machine cleaner had indeed cleaned my machine. I didn't even realize the stinky washer smell coming from my washing machine, I must have gotten used to it. But now that I've used Washer Magic, my washing machine smells great and gets the couch slip covers really clean.

Now I don’t mind so much when Bingo snores on the couch, because I know that those slip covers will wash up perfectly thanks to Washer Magic. Just to be sure, I use a bottle every few months to keep my washing machine clean and I don't mind sharing with my friends how wonderful I think Washer Magic really is!